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Probiotics for Travel

Bacteria almost always gets a bad rap! But there is good bacteria that lives in our intestinal tract, a.k.a. our G.I. tract or less formally our “gut”. It provides a complicated chemical balance in our body aiding in digestion, absorption of nutrients, and even immunity and disease prevention. But sometimes, because of a dietary changes, illness and drug treatment, stress, or chronic disease, the good bacteria balance gets disrupted. We may get a “tummy ache” or have diarrhea as a result. Lately, major medical journals have been reporting some of the preliminary results of years of looking at the role of PROBIOTICS for our intestinal health. Generally the reports are encouraging with very few side effects reported so far. Some of the more well known uses for PROBIOTICS are for prevention of, or, shortening a course of diarrhea in children and adults who are on antibiotic therapy, have genito-urinary yeast infections or chronic bowel disease to name a few. Antibiotics, whose sole purpose is to knockout bad bacteria, doesn’t necessarily differentiate between the good and bad bacteria. The gut may be deprived of the good bacteria upsetting the normal balance; diarrhea can result. We can feel bad, not feel like eating, become dehydrated, and good nutrients may be lost. We must adjust our diet, activity and drug regimen in extreme instances. Most recently, travelers have been the beneficiaries of this good news that PROBIOTICS possibly can prevent or shorten a diarrhea episode. Travelers may experiment with foods grown, fertilized, cleaned and processed, stored and prepared differently than what we are used to. We can be exposed to bacteria, virus’, parasites and other intestinal invaders from food sources during travel. At rough glance, many international travelers have benefited from self-administering the over the counter and inexpensive PROBIOTICS during their travels. Lactobacillus is the most well-known PROBIOTIC. Brands offering protection with many billions of cells of the PROBIOTIC can be found at any pharmacy. Happy Trails!