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5 Points to Know About Vaccines This Flu Season

This flu season, getting your vaccines is the best way to avoid influenza. Those who neglect to get the shot are susceptible to pneumonia, ear infections, and seizures, and these ailments can be life-threatening to young children and older adults. When it comes to protecting your family this fall, consider the many advantages of vaccination.

5 Facts About Flu Shots

1. The Best Time to Get Vaccines

As airborne illnesses peak in early winter, it is most beneficial to get vaccinated towards the end of October. Physicians recommend scheduling the appointment two weeks before the start of the flu season.

2. The Side Effects of the Flu Shot

After getting the flu vaccine, some patients experience pain in their treated arm. While 10-30% of children under 2 may come down with a fever after immunization, this mild aftereffect is rare among older children and adults.

3. Whether Children Over 6 Months Should Be Vaccinated

To prevent infant illness and the spread of infection, children older than 6 months should receive vaccination. As they are predisposed to developing pediatric illnesses and susceptible to hospitalization, it is pertinent that children under the age of five get the flu shot.


4. If Pregnant Women Should Be Immunized

Getting vaccinated is one of the most effective ways an expecting mother can protect her unborn child from influenza. As newborns are too young to be immunized, it is important that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers get vaccines so they can safely pass them on to the baby.

5. Falsehoods About the Flu Vaccine

Many rumors revolve around vaccines. Despite common belief, the flu shot cannot cause influenza. As the shot contains an inactive virus, it is impossible for the flu to infect the body. Another common misconception is that it is dangerous for a child with egg allergies to be vaccinated. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, this is false.


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5 Back-to-School Vaccines for Children & Teens

Between getting notebooks, pens, and backpacks, you should also remember to schedule a doctors appointment to get kids ready for back to school. Every student must be up-to-date on their vaccines to attend school, and this isn’t just for elementary school kids. There are vaccines that pre-teens and teenagers should also get before starting the semester. HealthSmartVaccines in Chantilly, VA, gives a run-down of the CDC’s recommendations for essential vaccinations your child needs before classes kick off.


5 Back-to-School Vaccines Your Child Needs

1. Infancy Vaccinations

If your child did not get two doses of the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) or the series of three or four hepatitis B vaccinations as an infant, these are especially important for a school setting. Without vaccinations, your child is at risk of contracting these potentially life-threatening illnesses. Additionally, your child should also have at least four doses of the polio vaccine.

2. Quadrivalent Meningococcal Conjugate

This vaccination is recommended for boys and girls ages 11 to 12 years old. It protects against bacteria that can cause meningitis, which is a potentially deadly inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. It also guards against life-threatening bloodstream infections like bacteremia and septicemia.

3. HPV

The human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine is administered in a series of 3 doses that should be completed before your child turns 13. It protects against HPV infections that can lead to the development of cancer.

4. Tdap

Tdap is administered during infancy, but it needs a booster every 10 years to remain effective. It protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis or whooping cough.

5. Flu

There is a flu season every year, and the vaccine will significantly lower your child’s risk of contraction. Not only can the flu develop into more serious complications like pneumonia, but the illness can also cause your child to miss days of school.

As the school year gets underway, don’t forget these important vaccines. Schedule an appointment for your child at Chantilly’s HealthSmartVaccines, the area’s top destination for a broad variety of vaccinations. Call HealthSmartVaccines today at (703) 961-0733.

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