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Immunization Services


Workplace Flu Clinics

Sponsored Flu Clinics at the workplace is a valued service for our corporate clients, private school facilities, church groups, day care centers, NGO’s and other organizations. Protect the people you care about by providing this valuable service. Without them, where would you be? In addition to employers sponsoring clinics, many other organizations such as health and fitness centers, office complex management companies, churches and day care centers offer clinics for their members, customers and congregations.

Interested in a clinic at your officeplex? Contact us today!

Yellow Fever Center

As a CDC (Center for Disease Control) approved YELLOW FEVER center, HealthSmartVaccines provides the vaccine and recommendations for protection against mosquito-transmitted diseases in Africa, South America and Central America.


Travel and Human Resource Managers

Multi-National corporations encourage or require employees traveling internationally to protect themselves against the vaccine preventable diseases that may be contracted in host countries. To meet this need, HealthSmartVaccines expanded the WorkPlace Flu Clinics to provide all vaccines throughout the year. Contact us for additional information on our corporate programs and pricing.


Adventure Travel

ATTENTION Trekkers, scuba divers, international aid volunteers and all travelers to developing countries – Contact us at least one month before you leave to maximize your protection against vaccine preventable diseases common in your intended destinations.


Contact with Infants and Young Children

Parents, grandparents, nannies, childcare workers and others coming in frequent contact with infants and young children should consider immunization against pertussis (whooping cough) for themselves. Health care authorities consider the dramatic increases in childhood pertussis, particularly in infants, as partially attributable to pertussis transferred from adults to children. A vaccine approved for adults in 2006 called Tdap offers protection against three diseases in a single shot: Pertussis, Diphtheria, and Tetanus.